Brand New Recycling Project!

More MESS & Waste Less

Learn more about:

  • Where you can access local recycling facilities and what materials can be recycled on Mull
  • Where you can gain support to upcycle waste materials and compost
  • How to take part in an island wide competition to divert waste from landfill
  • Support for local businesses to tackle waste

The Mull and Iona Community Trust project, More MESS & Waste LESS has been awarded a grant of £55,428* from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund. The project will provide education and practical demonstrations to show that waste materials are a valuable community asset that can provide environmental and economic benefits to the islands. The project will make savings in carbon emissions through diverting waste from landfill for reuse, upcycling and recycling.

*Includes maximum funding of £26,001 from the European Regional Development Fund.

Are you?

  • A keen recycler?
  • Interested in composting and/or upcycling?
  • Concerned about food waste and/or reducing your carbon footprint?

Do you have a few hours to spare?


to join the exciting new More MESS, Waste LESS project, co-ordinating our community reduce, reuse, recycling drive!

Activities include:

  • Leading or taking part in upcycling workshops with furniture, crafts and other reusable materials.
  • Trialling a food waste composter in your garden.
  • Helping spread the word about local recycling facilities and what materials can be recycled on Mull.
  • Assisting with an island wide competition to encourage more people to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Contact Siân to find out more:  01680 81290


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