Ulva Ferry Community Transport

Ulva Ferry Community Transport is a vital service rooted in the principles of community care. Operated by the Mull and Iona Community Trust, our mission is to bridge the gaps in transportation for those residing in the remote North West corners of the Isle of Mull, as well as visitors who are exploring this beautiful part of the island.
Operating where no other public transport reaches, our routes connect people to work, shopping, medical appointments, social events, health and well-being support groups, and school activities. Our patient transfer service ensures that unwell islanders can reach mainland hospital appointments. The commitment to inclusivity is further underscored by our wheelchair-accessible electric vehicles, ensuring that everyone in our community has convenient and inclusive transportation options.
We also welcome visitors to the Isle of Mull, providing a reliable means of transportation for those eager to explore the area. Whether it’s a visit to the enchanting Isle of Ulva, joining a boat tour, discovering the beauty of Calgary Bay, engaging in pony trekking, or exploring more hidden gems, our service is here to enhance the experience for both residents and visitors alike.

At the core of our mission lies the belief that reliable transportation is a cornerstone for the economic stability of our island community. Going beyond helping locals commute to their workplaces, our commitment extends to providing employment opportunities for residents who play pivotal roles in operating and maintaining our community transport services. This helps support families and contributes to the sustainability of life on the Isle of Mull.
However, the sustainability of our service relies on community support.

Your contributions, whether through utilising our services or nominating us for funding from organisations like Co-op, play a crucial role in helping keep our service operational.

Ulva Ferry Community Transport is not just about facilitating journeys; we are a practical resource that helps bind our community together.

What bus users say:

“The bus is a lifeline for me: it’s my only way to get my husband to and from respite, and if we had to go to a clinic we’d be depending on it. He really enjoyed going to the Mull Musical Minds group.”

“The Ulva Ferry Community Bus is a lifeline link, getting some of our vulnerable people interacting with the community.  As a wheelchair user myself, the bus is a delight to travel in as I can stay comfortably in my chair, and people with other mobility problems can easily use the ramp, which makes the bus much more accessible than a standard vehicle.”

“The community car was used to drive my seriously ill mother-in-law regularly to the hospital on the mainland in Glasgow. It is used to collect life- saving prescriptions for my neighbours as well as insulin for my son. My older son uses the service frequently to access after school clubs and social events – that he would otherwise not be able to attend. The continuation of the service is very important to the community. With many elderly and young residents now using the service, this will continue to help reduce isolation and help strengthen the local community”

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