About Us

Mull and Iona Community Trust is a dedicated and passionate locally based organisation focused on improving the quality of life for the residents of Mull and Iona. With a long track record of delivering successful community development projects; addressing problems of geographic isolation and economic and social exclusion in remote and rural communities. Mull and Iona Community Trust takes pride in working with many external organisations and crucially within our own community. You can learn more by reading our Operational Strategy.

Our values are to be Open, Democratic, Accountable and Enterprising. Membership of the trust is open to every resident on the islands of Mull and Iona. Members are welcome to attend our board meetings. 

Our Vision is to be Influential, Respected and SustainableWorking closely with other organisations we strive to make a positive contribution to community developments and with social enterprise projects to become less reliant on grant income. 

Our Strategy is working together to unlock the potential of our islands. We strive to work in partnership with other community groups, local government, national government and non governmental organisations to maximise the benefits for all our residents and visitors alike.