Tobermory Light Industrial Park


The idea to provide business premises and storage was born in 2007, when the Community Trust was first approached by a member of the local business community, who had identified that there were a number of other businesses besides himself that needed extra storage and/or premises.

After discussions with Argyll and Bute Council and Forestry Commission Scotland, an area of ground just outside Tobermory (Ardmore) was identified as a possible site for this type of small scale development.

Funding was sourced to carry out a full feasibility study in 2012/13 to fully assess the need for this type of project.  Having a dedicated staff member to work on this project has enabled it to move forward, and we have been able to: carry out a survey of businesses and individuals with 27 responses, carry out site investigation works on the site, had a topographical survey of site compiled, applied to the National Forest Land Scheme to allow us to purchase the Ardmore site as a community acquisition and compiled a business plan for the development to support funding applications

However, plans are not yet finalised if you have any particular requirements, please contact Mairi Greig to discuss.

Image courtesy of Cowal Design