Sustainable Mull and Iona


Sustainable Mull and Iona (SMI) was formed on 21st September 2011 and was based on the membership of Mull Renewables. SMI operates as an advisory group to Mull and Iona Community Trust providing information and advice on a wide range of sustainable issues. Membership is free and open to all and new members are welcome.

The overarching aspiration of SMI, is to see Mull and Iona develop consistently as a sustainable place and to play a full part in that development Mull and Iona are recognised as very special places with very special resources. Their communities are recognised as caring, creative and resourceful and these are seen as the building blocks for the future of the islands.

Current sustainability issues being investigated are:-

The potential for a zero waste target for Mull and Iona

The opportunities for a long term Biodiversity Action Plan

Building on the current energy conservation projects - HEEPS-ABS, ACCESS and Community Transport to aim towards our islands becoming self-sufficient in energy.

Membership of SMI is open to any individual,  business or organisation based on Mull & Iona, who support the objectives of SMI. SMI can also co-opt members. Meetings are run according to the Constitution of MICT.