Ross of Mull & Iona Development

Growth at the Edge (GATE) has been developed by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) to meet the objectives of the Scottish Governments Economic Strategy. One of the components of GATE is Community Account Management or CAM. This involves HIE pro-actively engaging with an anchor organisation to facilitate whole community growth.

The Ross of Mull and Iona is one of the areas considered to be fragile and in need of support through GATE. As a result funding has been provided to employ a Local Development Officer. As well as assisting with community consultation and planning they will work alongside local groups taking forward projects included in the overall community plans.

The purpose of GATE is to see communities driving development for themselves and creating social, economic and cultural opportunities which will benefit life in the communities. The Mull and Iona Community Trust is the anchor organisation for Ross of Mull and Iona Growth at the Edge.