Community Involvement

About-Header-Graphic-4-650x487 (1)The Mull and Iona Community Trust has been involved in many community projects since we started in 1997. We support island groups and projects in many ways; providing advice and guidance, signposting to sources of funding, assisting with funding bids, administration support, lobbying of local and national government and other stakeholders, improving and sustaining the environmental and cultural heritage and securing economic benefit for the islands.

We are proud to support the Community Councils of Mull and Iona and in particular have contributed positively on a number of recent initiatives in partnership with the Mull Community Council.

There are many positive examples of the Community Trust securing, or assisting other organisations in securing funds to allow for improvements within the community. To see a full list of the results, please click here.

In addition to securing funding for specific projects, the Trust has provided references for or assisted with funding bids for many island based groups, clubs and organisations. Applying for funds can be a pain staking process, the Community Trust are at hand to offer assistance if needed. Please click here to view a list of groups the Community Trust has assisted.

The Trust provides administration support and/or constitutional assistance to many island based groups, companies and organisations. To view a full list of the organisations the Trust provides support to please click here.

The Community Trust is aware of the pressures facing islanders and lobbies to provide more affordable housing on the islands and improve the transport infrastructure, including the improvement of piers.

The Trust has also been involved in facilitating the following events:

  • Wild Isles, Mull & Iona Wildlife Week
  • The Taste of Mull & Iona Food Festival
  • A national conference on sustainable land use and subsequently established the Mull & Iona Land & sea Forum (LASF) to ensure community input into development issues

The Trust is a member of various organisations and networks, ensuring a voice for the residents Mull & Iona and also using our expertise to offer advice to other social enterprises. To view a full list of the different organisations the Trust is involved with please click here.

The projects we develop are identified either through community consultation and planning or are suggested to us directly by our members, island residents or by the Community Councils. If you have any suggestions for projects which you would like us to consider, please do get in touch.