ReThink MESS: Big Hanna, Recycling and Plastic Free Mull

The rethink Mess project has been very busy over the last few months, we have been building a polytunnel to house the Big Hanna food composter.  “She” arrived on the 31st July and is getting used to her new home on Sgiob-ruadh farm.  Were feeding her wood pellets and manure, to begin with (as per the instructions!).  Soon she will be taking food waste from participants in Tobermory. We have had a great bunch of volunteers helping to build the polytunnel and I wish to thank them all for their time and patience!

Other advances you will see is the recycling bins around the island.

We have them from Tobermory to Iona and what a success they are! Thankfully the Council agreed to collect from them when they are doing their commercial collections every 2 weeks on the condition we sited them beside an existing general waste bin.  Research shows that if not located beside a general waste bin, the contamination level rises sharply.  Thankfully, because we have them alongside a general waste bin our contamination levels are very low. 

However, the success of them is that they are needing to be serviced much more than fortnightly.  We said we would do this if they became full.  Some are filling up within 4 days of being emptied, causing us headaches.  However, this does highlight the huge problem we have with single-use plastic. 

Recycling from 5 sites with an average of 11 days worth of recycling

We’ve also been involved with “Plastic Free Mull” and arranged a beach clean at Lochbuie with 12  volunteers to coincide with Kiko Matthews cycle around Britain where she was doing beach cleans at each of her locations. 

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