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This project started in April 2017 and finished in March 2018 - we will upload the end of project report here soon. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time over the last year, we would be very grateful if you could complete this survey to help us to understand the impact the project had on recycling on Mull and Iona. 

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Why should I recycle? 

  • Reduce landfill: space at Mull’s landfill site is running out.
  • Save money: more recycling means less spent on landfill charges. More money for other services.
  • Conserve resources: new products from old materials & conserves precious raw materials.
  • Save energy:  less energy used in recycling old products than making new products.
  • Protect the environment: less raw materials processed means less pollution & habitat damage.

Did you know?

  • Plastics, cans, glass, paper and card collected on Mull are all sent off for recycling into new products!
  • Island Castaways (MESS) will collect (free of charge) household items in working/saleable order with profits going to local groups!
  • You can drop off batteries, spectacles, light bulbs, ink cartridges & mobile phones at the Bunessan & Craignure charity shops.
  • All plastic food pots, trays, cartons (including Tetra paks) can now be recycled with your plastics.
  • Glass should be placed directly into the glass bins not in plastic bags.
  • For cans & plastics only the Council provided bags should be used– using different bags contaminates the bin.

What, how & where can I recycle?

*Please note the Council will be replacing the red bags for cans/tins with a clear plastic bag in the near future.  All households will have two clear plastic bags, one for plastics and one for cans/tins.

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What happens to my recycling?

Click on the links in the sidebar to find out what happens to your recycling when it’s collected from your bin!






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